Wednesday, April 18, 2007

imissimus? or is Imus a gangsta rapper in disguise?

Well guys, we call can agree Imus was an ass for referring to the Rutgers ladies basket ball team in such derogatory words, but it is a separate issue from the abomination of gangsta rap. In historical context Imus' words hit a nerve that most black women still have in our DNA however deeply buried. Hell, it probably would have stung me, if i didn't consider the source. Imus has been this way for years, it's nothing new, it just made good media for the race baters/poverty pimps. What really bothered me was that it took more that a week for black radio in Los Angeles to even cover the topic. Now, really what is worse, a nut like Imus, or the fact that it took so long for blacks to even hear of the comments, then get "outraged" over something that is done daily in music that is pumping out over those same radio stations that were so morally outraged over the comments. I am glad that Imus apologized to the women basket ball players, but, if Imus leads the line to apologize to women for being disrespectful then the line will be very long, especially if Sharpton and Jackson join the line for the crimes against women, namely Twanna Brawley, and Jackson's baby mamma drama.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

changes, modifications

Today is a new day to make a change in my life. I can become the person God's wants me to be if I just follow. It is amazing how clear things are when you stop swimming against the tide. Just submit and let go, all things I try to do on my own fail or are less than my goal, when I do things in Christs name then you can see the change. My attitude is better and so is my product. I have decided that the worlds view of me, and of womanhood no longer fit's the person that I am becoming. I want to be a Proverbs 31 women, I want to accept the blessings God has in store for me. I am currently reading Power of the Praying Wife and Power of the Praying Parent. I will write more later, I love you!

Monday, December 18, 2006

really? I think so.

I find it very interesting that the more I try to avoid or run away from something the closer it seems to be to me. For years (and I do mean years!) I have avoided, run from and flat out had an attitude about being ladylike. I know it sounds very lame, but I have never enjoyed dressing up or makeup at all, but the other day I found a website that encourage just that. It was about keeping your home, and family and it clicked to me. I love my husband and children, but I felt as though I was being pulled in so many directions and never arriving anywhere. I realized that because I had no plan to work from, I was always working and still everything looked less than what I had hoped to display. I know I am a work in progress, but I had stopped making an effort because it was easier to fall back on excuses of work, new baby, too tired, etc. I looked myself and didn't like what I saw... I like who I am, but in the mirror I saw sweats, big t-shirt and a ratty pony tail. It isn't fair to me, my husband, my family or God. I am made for more than just getting by, I am made for greatness.

I love me!