Wednesday, April 18, 2007

imissimus? or is Imus a gangsta rapper in disguise?

Well guys, we call can agree Imus was an ass for referring to the Rutgers ladies basket ball team in such derogatory words, but it is a separate issue from the abomination of gangsta rap. In historical context Imus' words hit a nerve that most black women still have in our DNA however deeply buried. Hell, it probably would have stung me, if i didn't consider the source. Imus has been this way for years, it's nothing new, it just made good media for the race baters/poverty pimps. What really bothered me was that it took more that a week for black radio in Los Angeles to even cover the topic. Now, really what is worse, a nut like Imus, or the fact that it took so long for blacks to even hear of the comments, then get "outraged" over something that is done daily in music that is pumping out over those same radio stations that were so morally outraged over the comments. I am glad that Imus apologized to the women basket ball players, but, if Imus leads the line to apologize to women for being disrespectful then the line will be very long, especially if Sharpton and Jackson join the line for the crimes against women, namely Twanna Brawley, and Jackson's baby mamma drama.